Monday, December 5, 2011


Don't take the war bit too seriously put down the lip stick bullets and drop the sharpened brushes thats not what I meant. I feel like as artists were constantly being restrained by the "rules" of makeup and fashion, "play up your eyes, or your lips but never both at the same time," "An oval face is the most appealing so counter to make the face look more oval" "never match your shoes to your bag" "don't wear white after labour day" blah blah blah. But is this not the creative industry? Isn't the point of being an artist to explore new realms and push the envelope of the so called "norm" that were use to seeing every day? Originality comes from being different from the everyday, being unique is being one of a kind but It's hard to do that sometimes with every beauty magazine trying to make you a cookie cutter cut out of what they believe you should look like. Thats why I've started this rebellion. Go ahead smoke out those eyes with a bold red lip, rock those snake skin stilettos with a cute snake skin clutch. Its just a little make up and a few accessories, they wont explode in your face and I promise all the rumours about the "Beauty Police" aren't true, no ones going to take you away for doing it. I want to try and break societies hold on what we perceive as "beautiful" because beauty is self created for each individual person on this planet. So glamazon's fashionistas painted faced beauties lets stand up and wage this war together!